Crime Watch

Shmira members patrol the areas we serve, respond to suspicious activity reports, and inform the police and other appropriate authorities of any issues. We also work with government and other non-profits for the greater benefit of the entire community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safety and peace of mind for the community, with emergency response and crime prevention. Our members are all local within the community thus expanding our eyes and ears and allowing much faster response times.


  • Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • Community Event Standby 
  • Local Business Crime Watch 
  • Providing Home Safety Education 
  • ​Religious Holiday Civilian Patrols

Join The Efforts

Los Angeles Shmira is currently looking to recruit new members in the Pico/Robertson, Hancock park/La Brea, and Valley Village/North Hollywood neighborhoods. If you or someone you know is interested in joining, click the button below to fill out an application.

Neighborhood Patrol Consolidation

We have merged with the Hancock Park/La Brea and Valley Village area Safety Patrol. We have been eagerly and patiently waiting to expand our patrol in those areas. This means we are actively looking for serious community minded members to join our cause. Applicants 21 years and older may contact: or visit the “get involved” page and fill out an application. 

  • LA.Shmira Patrol members are ready to deploy in the event of a Natural Disaster and work with other agencies to help with the crisis at hand. 
  • We participate with and attend training given by the Jewish Federation Community Security Initiative** and The Community Security Service**
  • LA Shmira Patrol maintains a healthy and positive relations with local law enforcement agencies to promote strong Community Policing. 
  • Shmira is actively seeking skilled and aggressive fundraisers. We we need High Visibility Vests, shirts, radios, phones and other equipment for our members. We provide and want the best for the community. Your Safety is our number one priority. Our service is top notch and some of our  equipment is in need of upgrade, contact for dedication opportunities.

*Shmira is NOT a licensed private Patrol operator (PPO, security company). Our members operate in good faith and in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

**Shmira is not affiliated with The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles or the Community Security Service.

Community Synagogue Security Initiative

As you know, Southern California is home to many Houses of worship both small and large. Most, however do not have the resources necessary to a implement proper security plan. Hopefully, the Community Synagogue Security Initiative will help resolve this.

In light of the increase of Global Terrorism, the LAPD has raised its alert level for our community. Because we take the protection of our community very seriously, we are asking everyone to get involved.

To get in touch with CSS please visit their website